Content Israel 2015: Five ways to create more profitable content today

Chris Moody, Oracle's Director of ContentChris Moody, Director of Content and Social at Oracle Marketing Cloud, gave one of the more actionable talks at Content Israel 2015 about something that’s on the mind of every content marketer: how to create more profitable content. Here were his 5 tips:

1. Brainstorm with your entire staff on questions you hear everyday

Chris gave the example of one Mark Sheridan, owner of River Pools, whose company was about to go under between the one-two punch of a recession and a $250,000 marketing spend on radio, television, and PPC. He switched his focus entirely to content marketing with a goal of answering every question on pool installations he could find. Eventually, River Pools became the #1 swimming pool website in the world and their sales went up during the recession. The questions customers have makes for prime content.

Chris Moody_Oracle_UGC2. Interview your colleagues and partners

Sit down, ask employees questions you’ve brainstorm, and record some video. The simplest things can be goldmines of content that help brand your company.

To the right is Oracle’s version of this.

3. Host your first company blogathon

One way to eliminate the fear of the blinking cursor is to host a company blogathon. “This isn’t a novel concept, but it’s something you should still do.” People don’t like to stare at blank documents. Most people aren’t trained writers. Within 5 minutes of staring at a cursor, people run away to Facebook or Pinterest.

Chris gave the example of Kirk Drake, CEO of Ongoing Operations. He had employees:

  1. Brainstorm every question they could think of
  2. Write about assigned questions at least 90 min/day for a total of
  3. 4.5 hours each over 3 days

The result was 100+ blog posts over 3 days. Later Chris went back to Kirk and found that those three steps had had a $500K to $1M impact in one year.

4. Stop trying to hit homeruns.

“Since 1901 there are only 45 players who had a season with more homeruns than strikeouts,” Chris said. “Even baseball is saying this is a terrible strategy. You need basehits too. Surround homeruns with tons of base hits.”

By this, Chris means content marketers should do a little bit of everything, including webinars, social posts, and advertising, in effect creating a multi-touch campaign. He quoted digital marketing troubador Mike McGrail, who said something similar for those less inclined to baseball.

“Surround 30 yard screamers with 6 yard tap-ins.”

5. Turn your email into content.

Email is a source of content. Chris gave the example of one of Oracle’s clients, a major tire manufacturer, that has a policy of turning sales’ rep email responses to customer questions into blog posts. The best part? The sales rep gets a commission every time his or her blog post leads to a purchase.

The full presentation can be found here:

5 Ways to Create More Profitable Content Israel from Chris Moody

Chris Moody is the Director of Content and Social at Oracle Marketing Cloud. Chris is focused on effectively executing content and social to drive more business results. The mission of Chris’ team is to help marketers get promoted by providing the tools and educational resources they need to be a modern marketer. Chris has a lovely wife, son, daughter, and pug in Raleigh, NC. He can be reached on Twitter at @cnmoody.