Content Israel 2015: Oracle’s Chris Moody on facts marketers don’t want to hear

Chris Moody, Oracle's Director of ContentChris Moody, Director of Content and Social at Oracle Marketing Cloud, gave one of the more actionable talks at Content Israel 2015 but he started off with a couple facts that probably marketers aren’t so fond of hearing.

Fact #1

“88% of CMOs lack an integrated view of the customer,” Chris said. In other words, a vast majority of marketers don’t know who their customers are. Part of the reason for this is that marketers aren’t talking to sales.

“71% of sales representatives receive materials from marketing,” Chris said, “but 42% say they aren’t involved at all in the development process.”

“Profitable content,” Chris said, “converts and creates revenue because it results in qualified leads. If marketers aren’t making the sales people happy, they won’t care about what the content marketers are creating.”

Marketers: talk to your sales team. Learn as much as you can about your customers. It will pay off.

Fact #2

There are three kinds of content that marketers can create: high-effort, medium-effort, and low-effort, but marketers are investing too much time in the content that converts least. Let’s take a look.

1. High-effort content: traditional blog posts & paid content

How did high-effort content pull in users:

  • 66% from search/high effort content
  • 10% direct
  • 5% referral
  • 1% social
  • 18% other

Of the visitors, what were the conversion rates?

  • 3.8% leads
  • 3.65% conversions (about double industry benchmarks)

2. Medium-effort content: Q&A content

  • 80% from search/medium effort content
  • 14% direct
  • 4% referral
  • 1% social
  • 1% other

& the conversion rates?

  • 11.4% leads
  • 5.62% conversions (starting the see the trend?)

3. User-generated content (UGC)

  • 20% best distribution of traffic/low effort
  • 32% direct
  • 10% referral
  • 21% social
  • 17% other

& the conversion rates?

  • 9.1% leads
  • 13.5% conversions (wait a second, here…)

So what’s happening here? The content that marketers spend the least time creating is the most profitable. Sounds like there might be an upside here that reinforces what Eli Pakier said in his talk, that marketers should be focused on creating real-life moments for their customers.

It also highlights something social media evangelist Jay Baer said, that these days marketers “are competing against your customer’s closest friends and family.” We tend to think about our competition as our competitors fighting for market share, but our competition in content is against UGC, in other words family photos and puppies.

The takeaways? Talk to your sales guys and, if you’re able to out-compete your customers, you have a chance at the best conversion rates content marketers can hope for.

Chris Moody is the Director of Content and Social at Oracle Marketing Cloud. Chris is focused on effectively executing content and social to drive more business results. The mission of Chris’ team is to help marketers get promoted by providing the tools and educational resources they need to be a modern marketer. Chris has a lovely wife, son, daughter, and pug in Raleigh, NC. He can be reached on Twitter at @cnmoody.