Content Israel 2015: 3 presentations that rocked

Content Israel 2015 was a lean, mean marketing conference with industry leaders talking about everything from actionable tips to content marketing present and future to brand-specific strategy drill-downs. Here I’m sharing the three presentations that I felt outshone the rest along with what I felt made them valuable.

Carlos Abler - 3M1. “Content & Digital Transformation in the Enterprise,” Carlos Abler, Content Marketing and Strategy Lead at 3M

Carlos’ talk was really about how a $32B company turns content marketing into a science. Some of his slides needed a magnifying glass, but I appreciated his presentation because he set out to prove that you can “put people who have nothing to do with content marketing through a 90-minute session and they will come out knowing exactly what they need to do.” He delves into definitions, audience modalities, content culture frameworks, and process integration. His top-down authoritative approach is something $32B companies need, but any company could use.


Content and digital transformation in the enterprise from Natalie Edwards

Matt Barby from Hubspot2. “How Content is Your Secret Weapon,” Matthew Barby, Global Head of Growth & SEO at Hubspot

Matt’s talk was a breath of fresh air because he gave startup marketers the clearest direct path to a content strategy I’ve seen in years of watching presentations and reading white-papers.  His presentation was all about ensuring beforehand that there will be an audience for your content by going where they already are and building a strategy up from their current behavior. He also shared specific forums and tools that marketers can deploy immediately for free.

Inbound Marketing: How Content is Your Secret Weapon #contentisrael15 from Matthew Barby

Chris Moody_Oracle_UGC3. “5 Ways to Create More Profitable Content,” Chris Moody, Director of Content and Social at Oracle Marketing Cloud

Chris’ talk was excellent because he addressed something that keeps marketers up at night, ROI, with tips so gracefully shared it almost seemed the content would write itself. And that’s his point. “People don’t like to stare at blank documents,” Chris said. “Most people aren’t trained writers. Within 5 minutes of staring at a cursor, people run away to Facebook or Pinterest.” Instead, Chris offers 5 options that any company, startup or corporate, can use to create volumes of content. Best part, he also gave examples. Find the write-up of his presentation here and a copy below.


5 Ways to Create More Profitable Content Israel from Chris Moody
Take these presentations in combination for a 1-2-3 punch: Carlos’ for a top-down strategy, Matt’s for developing content ideas, and Chris’ to get the machinery moving.
Carlos Abler is the Content Marketing & Strategy Lead at 3M. Carlos helps organizations achieve content excellence as an enabler of customer experience, serving business goals, across all dimensions of customer engagement. Since 2012, Carlos has been facilitating transformation at 3M in the Global eTransformation group, working with a broad array of functions on the quest for the ever-elusive unified enterprise content strategy aligned holistically to customer needs. He can be reached on Twitter at @Carlos_Abler.

Matthew Barby is the Global Head of Growth & SEO at Hubspot. Matt is an award-winning blogger, an industry speaker and a lecturer for the Digital Marketing Institute. Matt’s work has been featured on the likes of Forbes, The Guardian, TheNextWeb and Entrepreneur. He can be reached on Twitter at @matthewbarby.

Chris Moody is the Director of Content and Social at Oracle Marketing Cloud. Chris is focused on effectively executing content and social to drive more business results. The mission of Chris’ team is to help marketers get promoted by providing the tools and educational resources they need to be a modern marketer. Chris has a lovely wife, son, daughter, and pug in Raleigh, NC. He can be reached on Twitter at @cnmoody.