Content Israel 2015: Integrated Content Marketing to ROI

Content Israel 2015 concluded with a panel on how to go from integrated content marketing to ROI, something that has probably kept most every marketer up at night. The speakers included Michael Dittelman, SVP Biz Dev for Sports Reference, Moti Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of Apster, Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox, Matt Barby, the Global Head […]

Content Israel 2015: 4 things content marketers can learn from advertisers

Eli Pakier, Group Strategy Director at NYC-based creative agency MRY, represented the agency voice at Content Israel 2015 and he believes that content marketers still have a lot to learn from advertisers as much as the former insist on content’s superiority in connecting with consumers. Advertisers have been at it for over half-a century after all […]

Which advertising methods will not be around in 2016?

Digital advertising is constantly evolving, but is upgrading itself? Looking towards 2016 we invite you rate: Slide right if this marketing method is effective to you guys, or left if it is excessive and not doing the job. אילו שיטות פרסום כבר לא נסבול ב-2016? הפרסום הדיגיטלי מתפתח כל הזמן, אבל האם הוא משתדרג? לקראת […]

Israel to Host the Largest Content Marketing Conference in the Middle East

Speakers from major corporations, outlets to present November 5, 2015 – Tel Aviv – Content Israel, hosting more than 20 speakers, features content specialists from major corporations and media outlets around the world. Speakers from GE, Oracle, 3M, Starwood Hotels, LinkedIn, and the Huffington Post, will be offering a range of unique insights on content […]

Content Marketing ROI: Tips from the Pros

It’s Monday morning and you’re at your desk thinking about the next big thing. Then it hits you – Content Marketing! Everyone is talking about it and, well, you’re even sneaking some time between projects to indulge. But then you hear screeching brakes and your heart drops…you’ll never be able to show ROI for that. […]