Digital Storytelling In the Age of Bad News

It’s impossible to escape the news, and even harder to escape bad news. For those of us who tell stories online, navigating the news cycle of terror, war and bad politics comes with a steep learning curve. Discover how publishers and brands have adapted to an online space that is no longer consistently truthful, reliable or safe, and what they think are the most useful tools as the world gets even more complicated. Case studies from key brands will be showcased.

1)How to ensure content is sincere and engaging while maintaining an authoritative tone
2) How to define KPIs that are engagement-based and not outdated measurements of success
3. How visual, interactive content can awaken readers’ / consumers’ senses

Location: Date: November 20, 2018 Time: 12:45 pm - 1:05 pm Nohar Zmora, Publisher Development @ Playbuzz