Joanna Braunold @Inception VR- Director of Marketing

Joanna is a marketing expert with years of experience working with startups. Previously worked at Microsoft Accelerators and Amdocs and award winning PR agency Blonde 2.0.

Originally an interior designer from London, how did I end up working at a startup in Tel Aviv? An excellent question.

After my move to Israel in 2006 my stubbornness and perseverance helped me get through the first couple of years, as I waitressed, secretary-ed, and wrote internet content to pay the rent. Along the way, I learned Hebrew, I learned what I didn’t want to do (interior design), and I learned a bit about what I did want to do (communications and marketing by day; reading feminist literature and comic books while drinking daiquiris by night).

Since 2010, I have been marketing companies of all sizes. I worked with a variety of startups at Blonde 2.0, running their PR and social media activities. I ran the first ever social media campaign for Amdocs, increasing social engagement by 120% and website traffic by 60%. Working at flok (since purchased by Wix) was a great opportunity to experience marketing both on and offline when we ran a booth and events at SXSW.

Moving to Microsoft Ventures was an exciting step. I built and launched the global Microsoft Ventures alumni program for over 400 startups and 700 entrepreneurs (at the time of launch), which rapidly grew as startups graduated from seven accelerators around the world and began to ask what was next.

I’m currently working at Inception, a cutting-edge technology startup building infrastructure and content for virtual reality. It’s a dream job – a combination of the creativity I craved in my design degree, and the challenging work of marketing a startup in a space so new we’re building it as we go

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